The Pumpkin Sells Real Estate

The Pumpkin Sells Real Estate cover by Lissie Dixon“I miss selling dream homes and end goals to the little people.”

Lantrell Rosengarten is the best realtor in Grailin. He’s got everything a man could want: money, power, and an unlimited supply of pumpkins to carve into new heads.

The one thing he lacks is what he finds in Yumi, the shy barista who serves his favorite pumpkin spice latte: a friend. And it turns out, a seven-foot-tall sentient pumpkin vine and a lonely wannabe animator have more in common than you think…

The Pumpkin Sells Real Estate is a heartwarming, feel-good slice of life story about family, finding your place, and the pitfalls that threaten to steal our life dreams.



Volume 1 available as a paperback, a deluxe hardcover, and digital edition


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All-ages slice of life/drama/comedy

© Lissie Dixon, 2022